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MAKING A DIFFERENCE: The Ascent Youth Alliance to Battle Autism
Official Selection 2010 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival

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Pictures from the Soho Rooftop Celebration Party (Coming Soon!)

Pictures from the 2010 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival




making a difference film autismWe are proud to say that our short documentary "MAKING A DIFFERENCE: The Ascent Youth Alliance to Battle Autism" was selected as the BEST EDUCATIONAL DOCUMENTARY in the JULY 2010 NY International Independent Film & Video Festival. Please know that AYABA student volunteers have been giving principals, deans, teachers, coaches, community leaders, friends and family in a position to possibly help spread tolerance, awareness and acceptance for children with autism both DVDs of the film as well as the trailer link. We are still looking to recruit additional student volunteers in other towns with the hope they can get their school administrators to show "Making a Difference" in their district in classrooms and/or at an assembly. It is rewarding and easy community service, and comes with a letter acknowledging the volunteer's efforts on behalf of the cause."

For those of you on Facebook, please:
(i) post the link to the trailer ( on both your wall and your "Events" page;

(ii) copy and paste the following language to your Facebook Events and Wall posts immediately next to or beneath the trailer you posted: "Please perform EASY & REWARDING COMMUNITY SERVICE by volunteering for the Ascent Youth Alliance to Battle Autism ( AYABA’s mission is to (a) promote awareness, tolerance and acceptance for kids with autism, (b) raise funds for the education and socialization kids with autism and (c) teach today’s youth that whether alone or as part of a group, they can make a difference for those with special needs";

(iii) ask your friends to do the same.

















Pictures from the 2010 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival


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Best Educational Documentary Winner in the 2006 NY International Independent Film & Video Festival

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autism film posterLast year, 1 out of every 150 children were diagnosed with autism, a staggering number. Currently there is no medical detection or cure for autism. Getting My Child Back: Fighting Autism taps into the emotional distress of several families who cope with the difficulty of raising children who have autism.

We’ll take you into their homes as well as a highly specialized school that offers on-on-one teaching, advanced educational methods and unconditional love to their students. This school is called Ascent: A School for Individuals With Autism.  Ascent has transformed despair and heartache into hope and promise.

Awareness of autism is on the rise, and the fight to combat autism has just begun-and Ascent is helping lead the way. More and more, organizations are getting involved in trying to raise monies to fund autism research and schools like Ascent. This film sheds light on living in and coping with the world of autism.

Kenny Albert, broadcaster for the N.Y. Rangers, Fox Sports and the Olympics, was the narrator for the award winning short film, Brian Biegel (writer, producer and director of the soon to be released "Shot Heard Round the World") wrote, produced and directed the film, and Steve Biegel, creative mastermind behind the Maria Sharapova Canon commercials, also lent his expertise to the film. Please know that Kenny, Brian and Steve all contributed their respective talents to the film free of charge out of the goodness of their hearts!






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