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Thank you for taking the time to visit the "Rants, Raves & Inspirational Thoughts from the Not Always So Wonderful World of Autism" link. We will invite "guest bloggers" to contribute material, but given it is a site that both young and old alike venture to, bloggers need to keep in mind the "Big Picture"...namely that we are trying to simultaneously:

-educate our youth as well as adults as to the impact of autism on children, their families and the local, national and global communities...with both a short term and long term perspective;

-promote awareness, tolerance and acceptance of those with autism, as well as those with other disabilities, with the hope that the message that "every life has a value" will resinate in some way, shape or form throughout the blog, article or story submitted;

-convey the message that whether by themselves or in a group, one is never too young or nor too old to make a difference for those not as fortunate as themselves; and

-lastly, that we also need to fundraise for the many wonderful autism programs that AYABA and 4BOYZ ABA support, both through the monies raised by the AYABA Sports & Entertainment Student Volunteer Fundraiser and by 4BOYZ ABA donating memorabilia to autism and other children's charities in the metro area to use for their own fundraising events.

One more thing...as we do not want to become an editorial board, nor merely duplicate the wonderful things that existing informational and chat groups already provide, nor become a tool where groups within the autism community throw darts at one another, the hope on our end is that those submitting material will keep the foregoing in mind.

Our mindset is that there is a "menu" pertaining to the numerous prevailing opinions as to "why" our children are who they are, and another "menu" as to how to deal with and/or treat their having autism. Notwithstanding our own views on the subject, we respect all opinions, whether we agree or disagree with the viewpoints expressed. That said, we would expect nothing less from those that submit.

To both you and the many like you, thanks for being part of a great group...special people helping those with special needs.

Peace, Love + Understanding to All From Those At Rants, Raves + Inspirational Thoughts (a/k/a)

Larry & Joy Haber
Parents of Conor Haber, an Ascent School for Autism Graduate &
Sean, Ryan & Kyle Haber, Co-Founders and Youth Co-Chairmen of the
Ascent Youth Alliance to Battle Autism (AYABA) & 4BOYZ Autographs to Battle Autism
c/o Larry Haber, Partner, Colgate Real Estate Advisors
6800 Jericho Turnpike-Suite 216E, Syosset, New York 11791 | 516.762.3117

Email: larryhaber@colgaterea.com

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